SeekOut - Advanced Sourcing Platform

Our mission is to provide companies a competitive edge in recruiting hard-to-find diverse talent.

What Makes SeekOut Special


People Insights provide leaders and recruiters actionable insights, so they hire smarter and grow as talent advisor.

Aggregated and enhanced Github profiles with intuitive search, so you benefit from this highly-desirable yet untapped tech-talent pool.

One-click to find qualified diverse candidates, so you become the diversity hero. Blind Hiring Mode to reduce unconscious bias.

Best-in-class AI search frees up recruiters' time, so they can spend it on added value work.

Integrated contact + social-link info and built-in capability for drip-email campaigns, so you enhance response-rates and build pipeline. Easy data export to csv file, so you can run campaigns your way.






Please call or email Brian Rhodes for further details.

Vice President IT & Technology Recruitment Services

1-888-866-7750 Ext 219

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