Exclusive IT Hiring Event

The CareerDoor Exclusive IT Meet & Greet Hiring Event

The Benefits

  • Meet face-to-face with dozens of qualified Candidates in a matter of hours

  • Your Company is the only Employer on the event floor

  • Pay one flat fee for the entire event

  • Employers pre-screen Candidates selecting only those they wish to interview

  • Appointment times are pre-set for pre-screen Candidates 

  • Hire as many Candidates as you like

  • Pre-screened Candidates are given the option to complete the Traitify Personality Assessment pre-event  

  • Only job seekers with the needed skills based on the Employer’s job description are invited 

  • Reduce interview time - quickly assess communication skills

  • Reduce fill times

  • Save time and money

  • Turnkey Event


Please call or email Brian Rhodes for further details.

Vice President IT & Technology Recruitment Services

1-888-866-7750 Ext 219

[email protected]